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Delighted Customer Through & With Delighted Service Provider

Our Mission

To Provide a Service in line with the Government Policies, Uplift the lifestyles of the Society Through a Planned, Efficient Development Process Consisting of Proper co-Ordination of Resources and Participation of the People"

History of Panwila Divisional Secretariat

In Early Pathadumbara Electorate Division is Only One Income Control Division. This has Been Divided Into Two Divisions After Applying the Divisional Secretariat Act of 1992 no 58.Panwila Divisional Secretariat is the one of these Two Divisions. In First Panwila Divisional Secretariat Office is Situated in Small Room at the Panwila Town. After then the Office Shifted to land of Panwila Aurweda Currently Maintain the Office at this Building.

Boundaries of the division

North    -           Matale District
South    -           Medadumbara and Kundasale Divisional Secretariat
East      -           Udadumbara Divisional Secretariat
West     -           Pathadumabara Divisional Secretariat
Panwila Divisional Secretariat has been Situated in North Corner of the Kandy District within the above Boundaries.


Panwila Divisional Secretarial Office is Situated in Pathadumbara Electorate Division of Kandy District of Central Province. This Division is Formed by 14 Grama Niladhari Divisions and the area of it is 96.8 Square Kilometers.The Division is Entrusted with a Beautiful Scenario Because of Knuckles Range. Arattana Raja maha Viharaya, Silently Tells the History of the Area. The River Huluganga which is the Source of the Water for Victoria Reservoir is another Beautiful Scenario in the Division. The Main income Source of the 90 Percent of the People of the Division is Tea Industry. 


Role performed at DS

Mr. K.W.E. Kraliyadda
Mr. J. Pethiyagoda
1983 1985
Mr. T.B. Herath 1985 1990
Mr. R.K.G. Gunawardana 1991 2000
Mr. S. veerababu 2000 2002
Mrs. W.M.K.K. Karunarathna 2002 2007
Mr. D.D. Anura Dharmadasa 2007 2009
Mrs. R.K.G.D.K. Wijesingha 2009 2012
Mrs. H.P.D.M. Sarathchandera 2012 2012
Mr. G.H.M.A. Premasinghe 2012 2016
Mr. J.P.U.K. Jayarathna 2016 2018
Mr. N.S. Senadeera 2018  












News & Events

ප්‍රාදේශිය කලා මංගල්‍යය  රුවන් කෙත 2018

ප්‍රාදේශිය කලා මංගල්‍යය රුවන් කෙත 2018

ප්‍රදේශිය කලා මංගල්‍යය  රුවන් කෙත 2018 2018/10/15...

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